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Dennis Dixon Jr. was raised in Oakland California and earned his degree from the University of Oregon in 2007 where he also played quarterback for the Ducks. After a short career in professional baseball with the Atlanta Braves, Dennis took his talents and returned to the gridiron in 2008 where he was drafted in the fifth round by the Pittsburgh Steelers. He played 7 season in the NFL, winning 2 Super Bowl rings (Pittsburgh 2008, Ravens 2012). With experience in multiple fields and competing at the highest levels, Dennis is excited to embark on his true passion— taking his experience through success and adversity and building up the people and communities around him.

I was born in Oakland California where i went to San Leandro high school. I came from a family that was in full support of both athletics and education. My mom was heavy on making sure my grades were on par, and my dad took care of the sports aspect; the perfect combination for success. At San Leandro High School I was a 3 sport athlete; Football, Baseball and Basketball. Highly talented in all three, but Baseball and Football drew the most attention. I played quarterback for my h.s football team and right field / Pitcher for the baseball team. During my time at San Leandro High my football record was 36-3, with only losses coming in three straight California North Coast Section 4A Championship games to powerhouse De La Salle. During my junior year in high school i was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the 20th round, at that time I  decided to decline the offer and make sure I received my college degree first. Note, you can get drafted again your junior year in college, so that was my focus. I was determined to go to college and  get drafted again. People may not know, but baseball is my first love. 

My focus for college was to get a full ride so my parents wouldn't have to pay for anything, which lead me to a full-ride scholarship at University of Oregon. It was my first time leaving the nest egg when my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Making the transition even harder, she passed away my first year. Being a mommas boy, I dedicated my entire college career to her because i know education was her #1. All i wanted to do was my mom and family proud, both on and off the field. I graduated within 3 1/2 years in sociology and a minor in journalism, never once going home during the summer. I made sure I took every credit possible. Making starting quarterback by the end of my sophomore year. a slightly rough start, but pushed through as I knew I had to. By my junior year, I tried out for baseball where i was drafted by the Atlanta Braves in the 5th year. On Cloud 9. I went on my way and played that summer where iI made it up to AA ball; living my dream. Going into my senior year, I had a new offensive coordinator, Chip Kelly. He convinced me to come back for my senior year in football where I could make a tremendous impact. Knowing the Atlanta Braves organization is known for dual sport athletes I went back to football as well. 

Chip Kelly was a true Football guru. We put together an offense that drew attention quickly, the fast pace zone read offense. My senior year took off, I was up for the Heisman Trophy, standing #2 in the country. Week 8 roles around and my life changed, I partially tore my ACL against Arizona St. After a by week, despite all the opinions, I decided to play in Arizona where i started off the game fire high, with a 60 yard touchdown run.  But as the next series came along I tore my ACL completely. Without regret, I laid it all on the line for my teammates. The blessing of graduating early, I had nothing but time to rehab. 3 times a day with the best trainers in the land, knowing I needed to get back i shape by Oregon's pro day, which was 4-5 months away. Knowing it usually takes 6-12months to come back from an ACL tear. With the dedication to push through it all, I was able to perform during our pro day. That pro day gave me an opportunity to get drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 5 round.

I played 4 years with the Pittsburgh Steelers where we won a Super Bowl ring, and went on to play for the Baltimore Ravens another ring.  Transitioning my career from athletics I went to work for Nike headquarters in Portland, Oregon for the Jordan Brand. My role as Brand Marketing specialist in Baseball and Football training was incredible for 3 years, making connections, learning, and training! Today, my calling is just that training. More than just training itself the importance and role I can play in adding value to others. Having pinnacle experience and widsom in the field, I want to give back to community that welcomed me. As we go on this journey, I want you to know that, we were born an original, don't die a photo copy. Be the best version of yourself, LET'SWERK!!!

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